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As a veteran on the front line of the Plage Cascade and the First Apocalypse, Yurdnot is a very respected Dragon, but is most fondly remembered for his efforts in evacuating a large town of people during the Cascade.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Created by the Eumaniin, Yurdnot was - as was all the living creations of the Eumaniin - destined to live forever, unless an unnaturall death was to come his way. During his young years, the prospect of eternal life actually began to depress him, as he thought with a level of philosophy, and was enthusiastic to fight the Plague, not for defence of the Bridge, but for death.

His anxiety to die continued, and he even asked for his weapon - specially crafted for him by the Targh Mooth - to drain his life force whenever he used its ability to fire beams of powerful energy at a foe. The creators of his weapon obliged, but cautioned him to not "overdo it", despite his views.

The first battle Yurdnot participated in was the Battle of Gramuloth, which was upon a section of the Gramuloth, a massive road bridge, suspended high over the forest in North-East Engentia, that stretched for miles. It was during the battle that Yurdnot noticed a village of tribal creatures being attacked below the bridge. As he flew down to their aid, his left wing struck a branch and broke the bones within, and he landed quite heavily, which broke several ribs and caused internal bleeding. Despite this, he managed to fight off what plague insects he could, preserving the inhabitants of the bridge.

Knowing that there was little the natives could do to help him, and that the army he had been fighting with had moved on, he was forced to move through the forest along, looking for aid. He walked for several days, eventually noticing another Dragon flying in the distance. He signalled the Dragon by breathing fire, and was rescued.

Upon returning to his base, he was given medical care, made a full recovery and was congratulated for his efforts in the battle by the Eumaniin Scholar Erudgian.

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