The God of Woodland

Mursus, known also as the "Divinity of Woodland" is a famed Auburge God. Considering his connection the other Auburge as one of their comrades, he shows hostility to any residents of the the Bridge that are sided with the Ethereals. He was imprisoned in an underground prison during the First Apocalypse after a battle with an Ethereal, only to be released by his Unghae followers in the year 235,172 and defeated soon after by Glen Murriculum.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Mursus arrived on the Bridge within the first few decades of the arrival of all the Divinities. It is know that he played a considerably part in the creation of the first life forms that grew in the following years, as he aided the Eumaniin and several other Gods. For his efforts, he was granted the title of God of Woodland, and was given authority over all forestry upon the Bridge.

During the First Apocalypse, Mursus sided with the Auburge, and was instructed by Lucifer to perform guerilla tactics on whatever cities and towns were under Ethereal rule, by arriving, destroying what he could, and disappearing before an Etheral could appear to stop him.

During one of these attacks however, his confidence grew to the point where he did not hurry his efforts, and was then attacked by the Ethereal God of Fire, Ausespierre. The conflict lasted several hours, but eventually Ausespierre beat Mursus down, but in an act of compation (which was also performed by many of the other Gods on seperate occasions), instead of dealing the final blow and killing the God of Woodland, he buried him deep in the ground,and chained him there. Mursus gradually settled into a coma during his imprisonment.

Several thousand years passed, when Mursus was awakened once his Unghae followers, having spent recent years raging wars with opposing nations in their search for samples of Prosperous Elixir, placed a box filled with the fluid in a large hole they cut in his chest.

Believing the land on which he stood to still be under Ethereal control, Mursus immediately moving to destroy what establishments he could, Mursus was considerably weak, having just woken up from a 3000 year coma. Eventually, Yezel Murriculum (Glen's sister), aided by the Twisted, launched an attack on some of the Unghae forces that surrounded their God, soon finding their way up his physical form. Once there, Yezel's brother, Glen Murriculum, wrenched the box from Mursus' chest. Having lost its life-supply, Mursus' already weak body shut down and he fell into unconsiousness, collapsing. Yezel, and Glen managed to survive the incident however, due to their exposure to the Prosperous Elixir within the box. Afterwards, another Divinity (implied to be Mragraev) arrived and took off with Mursus' unconsious form. It is assumed that Mursus was informed of his mistakes when he awoke

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