Dragons are spiritual entites, originally created by the Eumaniin, during the Plague Cascade (approximately year 81,000).

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[edit] Culture[edit | edit source]

Dragons, originally held a sense of worship towards the Eumaniin, as they were their creators, but as they grew independant after the Plague Cascade, this began to desintegrate.

All Dragons, after their creation, were given their own, personalised weapons, to help in their combat against the Plague. Most of these weapons had magical powers, although some were considered effective enough without. There was a level of controversy over a certain weapon called the Heaven Piece, as it was incredibly powerful, and was used for dark intentions by the Dragon Maught.

[edit] Physical attributes[edit | edit source]

As is obvious, Dragons breathe fire. They all also retain the general appearance of Dragons, to have a serpentine body and strong, powerful wings. Other features, however, tend to be more diverse, including scale texture, and other such features. It is not uncommon for two seperate Dragons to be mistaken for two entirely seperate species.

[edit] History[edit | edit source]

Dragons were created as a means of defense during the Plague Cascade, which - despite the best attempts of all the Gods, and the majority of the Bridge inhabitants - proved to be an absolutely unstoppable force. It was discovered that the fur of the Plague insects was highly flammable, and many civilisations changed their methods to producing arrows and oil, so as to ignite any attacking hordes. Despite the effectiveness of this method, the Plague still continued. Eventually, the Eumaniin scholar, Charaic, suggested that they create species based on fire, which was enthusiastically accepted.

Dragons where not the first created, however. Such creatures as Whisps, Pheonixes and Magma Golems were created. Each of these creationms had their own seperate flaws, however: Pheonixes and Whisps were physically outclassed by the strength of a Plague insect, and Golems were far too slow. Finally, the concept of intelligent, agile, fast, powerful creatures was suggested, and Dragons were thus designed. Their creation ultimately resulted in the Plague's defeat.

After the Cascade was fought off, however, the Dragons grew apart, spreading across the Bridge (although an establishment, the Sunrise Outline, was built to the far North-Eastern side of the bridge, which continues to house hundreds of Dragons to this day), and even developing feuds.

[edit] Notable Dragons[edit | edit source]

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